Saturday, November 19, 2011


I read a very interesting article while working out yesterday, yes, I can use an elliptical machine or ride my bike and read at the same time. What kind of resources or you utilizing in your classroom or home to teach our students and the ramifications of today's technology? Have you ever wonder does a 1st thru 12th grade student know more than you about technology? If so, why is that? If not, congratulations for staying up on what is going on in today's technology world. The magazine I was reading was the November 2011 issue, Art Education, titled, Beyond, by the NAEA. On page 8 at the top of the third column there was a statement I really agreed with, "Rheingold's point is not just that kids are tech-savy; rather it's because of this fact, teachers now have a new role to play: teaching ethical behavior and cultural citizenship." Students today are really Globally connected and its this notation what we need to find a way to embraced and incorporate technology into our classrooms. Either as a mainstream tool or an assistive technology tool. Imagine being in a school where cell phones are band, iPod's are only to be used as a relaxation tool during their free time. What happen to educators be forward thinkers and thinking beyond today and how they will use this technology if you like it or not. As an educator we get frustrated when someone does not turn in their homework or do their assignments. Well, the very items they love we keep them away from them all day long. So, what do they do when they go home and well into the night? Use the very items we tell them not to use during school, in turn ignoring assignments and homework. Stop! What if there homework was to be done on the very items we band them from using in class? What if their cognitive development increased because we thought "Outside the Building" and show them ways that will help improve their studies. Me personally I am very closed to going paper free with my work to-and-from school. How so? I use Google Docs and search Google Templates for ways to improve my output. I use Google as my cloud for personal paperwork. Why not teach our student the same thing? This is providing them the life skills that will transfer into the work place once they graduate. Put a keyboard in a first graders hand, and iPad in every ones hand, this includes teachers. I guess it is my opinion that we need to stop sitting on our hands and be forward thinkers and stop thinking we will stay on the cutting edge of education. Be the cutting edge! With this said, please allow the creative spirit to fun freely through your body! And, yes there is more to come on this issue.

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