Hi, my name is Linus Parr and this website is about my journey as an artist and art educator. A goal of mine is to share my love for Art both the making of it and teaching it. How it expands our Minds and helps to reach our Atman (According to Hinduism: the essence of breath). For me it's all about art, more art and how it connects to all of us and I feel its not the destination but how we get there. So, feel free to follow along, get on board or just support those who are taking the same journey. Most of all thank you for visiting my website and please email me to get in touch for anything that has peak your interest or better yet how one of my projects can be tweak in a beautiful way. Please don't hesitate to download anyone of my lessons plans classroom management tools or look through the professional resources I feel are important to our industry. 

About Me:
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My artistic education consists of two areas: Art Direction and Visual Communications. This approach has provided the opportunity to learned both fine art as well as the digital side of art. My love for art and designing provides me the opportunity to explore new mediums or medias and ones I haven't used in a while bringing returned joy to me. Seeing how this type of process can open my eyes adds to my everyday work as an Art Director and Art Teacher. Art Direction allows me to bring a different aspect to the classroom because I use every form of art needed to express the idea and concept through not only myself but my students as well. The two major parts of my teaching are: Discipline Based Art Education and The Design Thinking Skills Process. Its these two methods that allow my students to realize the why's and how's of art and what we create as artist. The process of art is an exploration from beginning to end, turning mistakes into newfound opportunities helping us understand’ “It’s not just the making of art but, how we got there.” Of course I have a love and zest for life, everything it has to offer, and a belief that this outlook makes it easier to include life experiences into my daily lessons. For these reasons and many more I do my best to be part of everyday and allow that to flow into the other areas enhancing those around me. Being an artist is a gift and one that I enjoy giving back.

  • LQ95 Visual Arts Teacher Certification: College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI
  • BFA: Advertising Design: College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI: Departmental Honors: Select Student Award
  • A.A.S.: Visual Communications: Northwestern Michigan College, Traverse City, MI: Departmental Honors: Visual Communications Award
Additional Training:
  • Schools Attuned, All Kinds of Minds, Summer 2010
  • Step Up To Writing, Winter 2010/11
  • Artist In Education (artist/teacher development program) Community Arts Partnership at CCS, Fall 2009
  • Art Teacher, Eton Academy, Birmingham, MI 2010–present
  • Artist/Owner, Back to Nature Crafts, Farmington Hills, MI 2002–present
  • Art Teacher, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, Twin Lakes, MI
  •        August, 2011 Session IV, Sculpture
  • Community Arts Partnership at College for Creative Studies
    • Art Teacher, Matrix Center, Detroit, MI
    • Art Teacher, Bunche Elementary, Detroit, MI
  • Art Teacher, CE at College for Creative Studies Summer Youth Art Camp 2009/10/11
  • Jr. Art Director, Mars Advertising, Southfield
  • Assistant Art Director, Young & Rubicam, Dearborn, MI
  • Abode Creative Suite CS4, Final Cut Pro, iLife 011', iWork 08’ and Microsoft Office 09’
  • Artistic: Drawing, printmaking, mosaic, sculpture, multi-medias, story boarding, cut-paper, book making, glassblowing, mixed-media
  • Art Direction: Campaign and conceptual thinking, alternative media thinking, integrated marketing and multimedia designer. Print production & pre–press, insight as creative teams leader and member.
Shows and Exhibitions:
  • 2011 – MAEA Conference presenter. Paper Pulp–Paper Mache' 
  • 2010 – Ice Carver: Noel Night, College For Creative Studies, Detroit, MI
  • 2010 – CCS Student Show “printmaking, computer graphic, cut-paper”
  • 2009 – Ice Carver: Noel Night, College For Creative Studies, Detroit, MI
  • 2009 – CMYK Magazine BSA “Outdoor Boards” July Issue #44
  • 2009 – Silver ADDY (Districts)-BSA "Urinal"
  • 2009 – CCS Student Show “printmaking, 3-D, art direction, jewelry & glass blowing”
  • 2008 – Art Show Vendor: CCS Noel Night, College For Creative Studies, Detroit, MI.
  • 2008 – Detroit Advertising "D" Show
  • 2008 – One Show Exhibition-BSA "Urinal" NYC/NY
  • 2008, 2007, & 2006 CCS, Student Art Show
  • Northwestern Michigan College, Traverse City, MI 
    • 2006 – 1st Art Direction, 3D-Design & 3rd Pottery 
    • 2005 – 3rd Painting,
    • 2004 – 1st Graphic Design & 3D-Design, 2nd 3D-Design, & 3rd 3D-Design
    • 2003 – Juried Art Show: two pieces juried in