Thursday, July 7, 2011

Setting Goals

Even though I am enjoying this summer I am using this time to set personal and educational goals for myself. Since we expect our students to achieve and reach for goals, why can't I! In the area of personal goals it started with cleaning up my space/apartment. It is amazing when you start the purging of items that no longer work or have no use to me. Why did I ever keep them. And, if you ever leave the laptop world you'll be amazed by how much "stuff" you have related to it. Bye, bye! Just within my my immediate area I don't feel cluttered anymore and for someone with ADD that can become overwhelming. Yes, I love my creative side but, I need to be organized.
      But, over the last several years I have set and accomplished many goals for myself for example: changing jobs, running two marathons (oh, my left knee hates me), changing of friends (not cause I wanted to, because that is were life has taken me). These are only a few and, yes I could go on about this but you get it. So, one of the personal goals I have been working for myself this summer is my 30-Day Challenge. Why 30 you may ask or not, on an average it takes 3 to 4 weeks of a consistent behavior or change in your lifestyle for it to become a "habit", hence the 30-Day Challenge. And, this is what I've come up with. The 30-Day Mind-Body-Health Challenge, sound cliche? Of course it does. But, these areas matter to me and I would hope they do to you also. I or you in this case must chose are thing that you would like to change or improve on in that area, for example: Mind-15 minutes of mediation everyday for 30 days. This means no distractions, no electronics expect for music if I/you chose and quiet time. I think you get the point about how to pick the other two areas. Make a chart, pencil, spreadsheet or wall calendar. Whatever the method just track it and put it out where you can see it, the easier I/you make this the more successful it will be. So, are you in? I am making my trackable right here and will upload my spreadsheet or find a way to make it live on here (doesn't take much to add another tab up top for this). I have one friend doing the 100 days of summer photography challenge for herself, Kudos Mara! Think its easy try committing yourself for 100 days. Even when I trained for my two marathons that was 26 weeks of training. I think the bigger reason for this is I need some personal focus like I had in my marathon training, going back to college, etc... Well, off to get my workout in, yes it is the Body part of my challenge. Take care, do something inspiring today and most of all say "hi" to a stranger and make their day! 
Educational goal post to come. 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

What have I learned?

I've been doing a lot of self-reflecting since the end of school. So, much has gone through my mind. Like I see me in the LD kids I teach. I remember being just like them and can only imagine what I put my teachers through. Well, now its me teaching them and showing them ways to overcome their LD. But, this summer is about me and getting my life organized and that is what I've learned more than anything, get organized and begin planning out my year: grade levels, projects and how they meet standards. The funny part is it I only work on this stuff for a couple hours a day and I've made amazing progress. My studio space has been cleaned and is getting organized so I create a better atmosphere for doing my work during the school year. I think that is one of the hardest things I dealt with this year. Creating my art. I decided to take steps that would help prevent that. Purging and rethinking my space is leading to more creativity. Remember my apt is my home and studio, yes jealous of those that have a dedicated studio space. Some day. Even designing my own planners which I will share soon, hope you find it useful and steal the idea. I'm good with it, we are here to help each other out every way we can. Well, more to come on a 30-day challenge I'm taking on very soon, just working out the details. My left knee won't let me do another marathon and I need something challenging. I almost have it figured out and post it. I hope other decide to take on the challenge for themselves. Until then let the creative spirit run freely through your mind and body.