Monday, January 17, 2011

Keeping it Fresh

I love working with my students but I have found "Keeping it Fresh" is very important to not only myself but them to. The difference in disabilities that my students have varies and is wide spread. For example like the image to left. How about a twist on upcoming Valentines Day and instead of hearts how about Love Monsters. This is my version of Dr. Love inspired by the One of my goals as a teacher is to continuously get my students to ask "what if." Like my students I had to learn how to work thorough my disabilities and become the person I am today. When I was a kid I was told I was just hyper-active now go outside and play. Today they are ADD/ADHD and who knows what the next one will be called. But, for me its how we teach them to work through it and embrace life for everything it has to offer. So, I continue to look for ways to throw a twist on a holiday, idea, theme, etc... Please if you have an idea on how to twist this and make it even more fun for my students let me know and I'll try it with them. Continue to let the creative spirit run freely through every part of your life.