Saturday, December 25, 2010


We do we draw it from? Where does it come from? Are we able to manifest it or, is it just an innate ability that we all have? Inspiration. Its Winter Break from school right now, something I needed more than I realized. Not because I students tire me out, which they do. But, my thoughts and ideas are starting to feel refreshed. In my past I never truly gave it a thought before but, I find myself looking at everything. The details both large and small all matter and how they are the connected or even interconnected? Sometimes I wish I could see a video of my mind. Its like a machine in my head, flood of thoughts and ideas, all coming out in the form of projects that I want to do myself or with my kids. I'm always taking notes, jotting down ideas, asking how did they do that and "what if I did changed it and did that to it?" Yes, I love "what if?" I appreciate all the ideas and inspiration my Facebook friends post and I honestly wish I had time to look at each and everyone of them. Its this type of a connection and the many more that help me with my inspiration. But, what happens when your balance is off? The balance I am referring to comes in the form of mental and physical. The list of these distractions can be endless to our creative world: bills, bosses, timelines, left brainers, inside the box thinkers, memories and so much more. So, I figured the best gift I could give me myself this year (and, no I don't feel like I am being selfish) is to create a better balance in my world. Sure there are going to be long days at work, what seems like unending days planning and prepping for my students. But, what it comes down to is my time and what I do with it to clear my mind. Most recently I started back into yoga, music mediation at night, and just slowing myself down at night before bed. Not realizing it, I have found myself taking a more holistic approach to my health and lifestyle. For example: When was the last time you took 15 minutes listen to music and do a Zentangle? Not sure what a Zentangle is, google it. I even started a Art Balance Journal (or art journal). Its all about my everyday thoughts, health, and creative inspiration that comes to me or crosses my path. I write in it, draw in it, cut and paste images in it, whatever strikes me no matter how I feel. Its about recognizing the good, bad and indifferent. What I've found and something I've always known, I love life, I am blessed to be where I am within it, I am definitely an out of the box thinker, willing to learn new things and grateful for all those that have touched my life. Its all of these things and more that allow my inspiration to come out of me in many forms. Where do you draw inspiration from? What do you do with it when you come across it? Embrace everything around you, take in the energy of life keeping the good and allowing the negative to go about its business somewhere else. I hope you find your inspiration and embrace it. So, allow the creative spirit to run through you and come out in many forms that show who you are!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Follow Your dream it is an amazing trip

So, this last week was utterly amazing. Two snow days, Monday and Tuesday, but from there it felt like a track meet. Wednesday I looked up and it was 4pm. The rest of way thru Friday was a blur. The kids just amazed me with their generous gifs for all of the staff. I never seen anything like it. It made realize how each of us touch our students. Long hours, long days and wondering am I getting through. Well, I am. But, now its Winter break or Christmas break which ever you prefer and the kids are gone and I'm off to do my know art. I have an art show coming up in January at Liberty Street Brewery in Plymouth and all I can hope for is that I am ready. Cause of course I want to do at least two new pieces before then, why sit back and relax when I can pile up more work. But, I love what I do and when you love it, is it really work! Though I don't get to see all my art friends like I want to I often wonder what are they doing to enhance their adventure? I know I'll find out one way or another. With a tear in my eye and the love for I do in my heart I feel so grateful for what I've done, where I've been and where I am going. Of course there will be more pictures posted to my student gallery very soon of all the work they have done. So to all, may you follow your desires that ignite your passions and fulfill your dreams with the creative spirit from within! :)