Saturday, May 28, 2011

One Portfolio at a time

The end of the year is coming so fast and it feels like I won't get everything done I need to. But, isn't amazing how we work when our backs are against the wall. Well, I know me and it will be all finished soon. Yesterday was a PD day after a morning of paperwork I spent the afternoon prepping artwork to go home next week. I figure since we have Parent/Teacher Conferences what a good time to get all of my students home work and most of all safe! All of their fat artwork is in their portfolios and ceramic work for the younger students is in lunch bags stapled shut with their names on the bag. I will begin delivering all of the artwork to their homerooms on Wednesday and all the teacher has to do is hand it out Wed-Fri. Throughout the late afternoon I kept seeing teachers walk out of the building and I'm thinking "how are they getting all of their work done?" The best part was looking at an accumulation of a years work and how each student has developed. I have to admit at times it brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart to see their successes. Even with their disabilities I ask a lot of my students i.e. focus, attention, follow through and most of all completion of the assignment. At their age moving on to something else is so easy but I won't let them. They are amazing and I love working with them. 

Follow your dreams and do what you love in life and what you have to do and in the end I know you'll make a difference in someones life! And, always allow the creative spirit to run freely through blood!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Baby Steps

Working with my kids in the class room has been exhausting this year but yet fulfilling. I have learned many things about them and myself during my first year at Eton Academy. What an amazing experience working with kids who are just like me. I can only imagine what I was like at there age. Lack of focus, wondering and random thoughts, off the wall questions right during the teachers demonstration and the list goes on. But, I wouldn't change anything for the experiences I've had this year. I think the hardest part of this year has been "the unknown." New environment, new colleagues, new ways of conducting business, in general my ability to adapt quickly to situations and environments has been a great asset to me. One thing I hope to learn how to do better is saying "no" once in a while. Saying "yes" to things has backed me into a corner more than once this year and at times raising my anxiety/stress to places that they don't need to be. Bu, I dealt with everything just fine, worked through it and got the job done. The best thing about this summer is I know what I need to do to prepare to be more successful in many areas of the classroom. Though one of my biggest challenges will be "balance," that balance between work and home life. Something that must take a precedence in my life.

For now though, I'm going through artwork for the year end art show, cleaning up the classroom (organizing, grading, filing, etc...) trying to set myself up for a successful last few weeks. The one thing I have to remember more than anything is "Baby Steps," even though my A.D.D. attitude wants things done right now-its all about the Baby Steps that will help me build a successful program that will enrich my students for many years to come.