Thursday, September 17, 2009

Teaching and being taught

I love the idea of becoming an art educator. As I pursue this avenue of my life I wonder where it will it take me. But, more so I find myself working in my studio to explore my ideas and how could I take them into the classroom is huge for me. regardless of the type of art I've started looking at it different, how can I simplify it for my kids and will they have fun creating it? The one thing I've learn more than anything is not what they make but how they go through the creative thinking process. The vocabulary of art, teaching them the design elements and principles, and encouraging them to learn more about art. When you see a child's eyes light up with the "I get it" beam, that is so cool! Well, its time to create. Take care, God Bless and let the creative juices run freely! :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Where does inspiration come from for you? I'm currently in the U.P. at my mothers spending some much needed time with her. I look around me at all the beauty the God has given us. No its not a backwoods wilderness place to visit as some might think. But, an over abunance of beauty, right now there are Sand Hill Cranes, a fox and several deer out back in the field. Great Grey Owls down the road. Not to mention a sky so clear at night the stars dot the sky like city lights in an urban environment. Yesterday you would've found me with a knife in hand cutting Birch bark from trees that are getting ready to be milled. It was an old tree and dying. Now it will be beautiful milled lumber for someones house. Rummaging through the wood shed I find Cedar bark for the exterior of another handmade book. Where do you find creativity and how do you recycle it into an item that someone would cherish to have in their possession? Look around you its in everything that touches our lifes from urban to rural settings. What inspires me? Talking to you and expressing myself in everyway I can through the arts! Keep the creativity juices flowing and God Bless!