Saturday, November 21, 2009


Workloads are heavy, and my interactions with kids has been plentiful! Yes, I would love to be in my studio more producing my own pieces but, my education and finishing what I started does come first. May 2010 is not that far away. I had a fantastic opportunity to pull monoprints the other day at CCS. We (my class) were given a full demonstration then provided the materials to pull are own. This is all leading up to an assignment I have due in a couple weeks. So, what should my final monoprint be? Lately, and I'm not sure why but I have this attraction and obsession of Picasso and his Analytical Cubism period he went through. I know the final monoprint has to be 18x24, so, I've been thinking about doing a self-portrait based on this style of art. Not only because I like it but, to learn more about it and how I take it into the classroom as a lesson plan. During this period his abstract art had some identifiable parts in it, but still crossed the realm of abstract art. Well, I'm thinking I want to hide multiple faces within the piece of artwork. Just a thought, but I think there is a bigger idea in there and something that needs to be explored. On a lighter note I everything is well for you and your life. Take care and allow the creative juices to flow freely everyday of your life! :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wow its been a bit since I've been here. Meeting new influences and people who do wonderful art. I was thinking about what transpired last night, and you know many years ago I would've been afraid to open doors and examine new opportunities. Not anymore. Over these past 7 years I've opened many doors that have created many chance opportunities. Including last night. I feel so... yes, a loss for words one could say. To think anyone could do that to me. I want to stay home today and just work on art, art and more art. Well, have a wonderful day and may the creative juices flow freely! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Art Map

Finished it last night and I very happy about the results. I encountered several challenges along the path for this piece of art. Since this piece is a snap shot of my morning, it really is a self-portrait. But, I wanted to take it to the next level expecting the quality I do of myself and my work. Once again I have proved to myself the love I have for mixed-media artwork and what goes into it. Not only does allow me a chance to recycle items others may not want or need, but I get to incorporate them into my art opening doors to different creative solutions that may have never existed before. So, I have to ask if your artist yourself does the work you do separate you from everyone else Or, does it look like everything "mass"produced! And, if my case being an Art Educator how can I show kids you can make a difference with art and the objects you put into it. Well, just when I think I am getting caught up on my work I look to my drafting table and see another project that needs to be finished. Which I hope to have does this weekend. So, take care, God Bless and allow the creative juices to run freely! :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Where does it go!

WOW, how the time flies when your creating. I know I made commitment to myself to keep up with my blog, but.... I know get over it create and keep up. Well, on to current projects: I'm working on a self-portrait at the moment called "Art Map." It representational 18x24 snapshot of what your day or a moment of your day looks like. At first I thought about doing a marker rendering or using colored pencils/oil pastels. But, that just wouldn't be me. Mixed media, YES! So, this piece has digital images, paint, copper foil, 3D matte board, and fibers in it. I hope to have it done either this evening or tomorrow at which time I will post the picture of it. Teaching kids: I never thought working with kids like I do would be bring me so much joy. The idea of teaching them art and how to understand it is amazing. Most recently I even wrote my own curriculum for a class in the Continuing Education program at CCS, very exciting for me. Well, my treadmill is calling and have to put in my morning 5 miler. I don't know about you but I find when I workout it spurs my creative juices and helps to solve problems for my art. Take care God Bless and allow the creative juice to run freely! :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Teaching and being taught

I love the idea of becoming an art educator. As I pursue this avenue of my life I wonder where it will it take me. But, more so I find myself working in my studio to explore my ideas and how could I take them into the classroom is huge for me. regardless of the type of art I've started looking at it different, how can I simplify it for my kids and will they have fun creating it? The one thing I've learn more than anything is not what they make but how they go through the creative thinking process. The vocabulary of art, teaching them the design elements and principles, and encouraging them to learn more about art. When you see a child's eyes light up with the "I get it" beam, that is so cool! Well, its time to create. Take care, God Bless and let the creative juices run freely! :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Where does inspiration come from for you? I'm currently in the U.P. at my mothers spending some much needed time with her. I look around me at all the beauty the God has given us. No its not a backwoods wilderness place to visit as some might think. But, an over abunance of beauty, right now there are Sand Hill Cranes, a fox and several deer out back in the field. Great Grey Owls down the road. Not to mention a sky so clear at night the stars dot the sky like city lights in an urban environment. Yesterday you would've found me with a knife in hand cutting Birch bark from trees that are getting ready to be milled. It was an old tree and dying. Now it will be beautiful milled lumber for someones house. Rummaging through the wood shed I find Cedar bark for the exterior of another handmade book. Where do you find creativity and how do you recycle it into an item that someone would cherish to have in their possession? Look around you its in everything that touches our lifes from urban to rural settings. What inspires me? Talking to you and expressing myself in everyway I can through the arts! Keep the creativity juices flowing and God Bless!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ann Arbor

After a working on my portfolio and a good hard workout this morning. I got out of the house and went to AA2, Kerrytown of course. Got some paper at Hollanders talked with staff about one of my books, which I know now for sure I'll be taking additional classes on the weekends to expand my knowledge of books and the type I make. From there to the farm market craft fair held every weekend. Always an inspiration to see how others do and make their crafts. Candles, books, jewelry, ceramics, fused glass, paintings, batik tie dye. etc... of course all handmade. No Wal-Mart vendors at this show. For those that don't know what a Wal-Mart vendor is, they order their stuff from catalogs by gross lots and put it in shows as original "handmade" art. Buy from local artist especially ones you know! Well, off to have a glass of wine and work/finish up another book. Keep the creative juices flowing and God Bless! :)

Handmade Gifts

I've been making several handmade books this summer for gifts. As an artist it has been my goal to get people to stop buying items at box stores and support your local artist. Just my way of spurring our economy. This book is 11x17 in size, the dancer figure is an underlay. I cut the figure our of matte board, glued it down and then as the PVA glued was applied I used my bone knife to work the paper around the figure giving it a 3D feel. The paper comes one of my favorite stores in the region, Hollanders in Ann Arbor. Never been and you enjoy nice handmade paper, make it a point to go. I make it a point to go on Sunday's the farmers market will be in full swing then I arrive. The best of both worlds art and fresh organic fruits/vegetables. Well, time to get my morning workout in and enjoy everything this day has to offer. Please check on my portfolio to see more of my work, take care and God Bless!

Friday, August 28, 2009

New Beginnings

Tonight is the start of my art blog. I've put a lot of thought into this and what will it contain. I've come to this conclusion, this blog is about me coming into my own as artist and art director. Of course the road my change at any given moment as new explorations will always be around the corner. Where does inspiration come from and how does it affect my world as an artist. This and so many more new adventures are ahead for me and I know it.