Thursday, October 15, 2009

Art Map

Finished it last night and I very happy about the results. I encountered several challenges along the path for this piece of art. Since this piece is a snap shot of my morning, it really is a self-portrait. But, I wanted to take it to the next level expecting the quality I do of myself and my work. Once again I have proved to myself the love I have for mixed-media artwork and what goes into it. Not only does allow me a chance to recycle items others may not want or need, but I get to incorporate them into my art opening doors to different creative solutions that may have never existed before. So, I have to ask if your artist yourself does the work you do separate you from everyone else Or, does it look like everything "mass"produced! And, if my case being an Art Educator how can I show kids you can make a difference with art and the objects you put into it. Well, just when I think I am getting caught up on my work I look to my drafting table and see another project that needs to be finished. Which I hope to have does this weekend. So, take care, God Bless and allow the creative juices to run freely! :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Where does it go!

WOW, how the time flies when your creating. I know I made commitment to myself to keep up with my blog, but.... I know get over it create and keep up. Well, on to current projects: I'm working on a self-portrait at the moment called "Art Map." It representational 18x24 snapshot of what your day or a moment of your day looks like. At first I thought about doing a marker rendering or using colored pencils/oil pastels. But, that just wouldn't be me. Mixed media, YES! So, this piece has digital images, paint, copper foil, 3D matte board, and fibers in it. I hope to have it done either this evening or tomorrow at which time I will post the picture of it. Teaching kids: I never thought working with kids like I do would be bring me so much joy. The idea of teaching them art and how to understand it is amazing. Most recently I even wrote my own curriculum for a class in the Continuing Education program at CCS, very exciting for me. Well, my treadmill is calling and have to put in my morning 5 miler. I don't know about you but I find when I workout it spurs my creative juices and helps to solve problems for my art. Take care God Bless and allow the creative juice to run freely! :)