Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Creating Success

Today's topic is going to cover several areas from doodling and retention rate, to one more that creates successful opportunities for our students and ourselves.

First, I want to share something with you that I recently read, "I have students who like to draw...unfortunately it's while I'm teaching..."

When I attend a meeting, sit through a class or what ever it might be I need something to do while you or anyone is talking. Why? Cause, if I don't you'll lose me and usually pretty quick. So, for me doodling or doing something else might be considered a fidget for me. It helps keep me focused and although it might NOT seem apparent I am listening to you. I remember having elaborate drawings on pages of my notes while in school. These drawings would run all four sides of my papers, in the margins and even through the words. Most of the time they were battles including, airplane battles, anti-tank guns, houses, buildings, landscapes, people, etc... you name it I drew it in my notes. I didn't realize it at the time but I was developing strategies that were going to help me survive school as a child. Now they help me survive a meeting when my head would normally hit the desk and snoring will ensue. I guess what I'm getting at is please look for ways to embrace a child or even an adults differences and different way of achieving what you are after. The retention of the material you are delivering. With that said why does study habits have to be the same old way, I talk, you listen-take notes and read them later at your convenience. Most recently I came across something that I know is not new but, with technology headed in the direction it is, why not embrace it and give our students even yourself an advantage. Forward thinking. The website's are Quizlet and Flash Card Exchange the best part is they sync with the app Mental Case beautifully (which can be found in iTunes or the App store) I bought the $4.99 version and have found it to work excellent. Imagine creating studying guides, flash cards, visual memory games, tests, etc... that your students can download right to their iPads, iPhones, iTouch's, smartphones in general. Imagine students being able to send it to each other via Bluetooth and or thru wireless networks. Imagine a student being able to go on vacation and all of their study notes are inside their iPod's or other devise. No bulky notebooks and binders just a hand-held devise. They are already going to have iBuds in their ears listening to something. Why not create a situation were they feel confident when they come back into your classroom. I know I'm always looking for ways for my students even myself that promote a successful opportunity. Well, enough for now. So, look for new ways you never thought existed that help our students. Encourage "Out of the Building Thinking" with your colleagues and allow the creative spirit to run freely through your body and mind!

Just a couple resources to help fuel your response to the non-believers

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