Saturday, November 5, 2011


Lately I have a been having a lot of conversations about "Engaging" and how we do it, both in the classroom and outside of it. Outside: conferences we attend, seminars, webinars or is just getting together with friends and colleagues. Inside: what is we do with our students and the connections we make together. Because, there are many days I learn just as much with them I teach them and this even takes place with my colleagues. Like yesterday I attended the first day as a presenter at this years Michigan Art Education Conference in Kalamazoo, MI. This past spring I came up with an idea of how to change an old practice that is done in the art room, the making of Paper Mache' and Paper Pulp. I married the two into one substance. Well, I presented it and I was just amazed what happen, they took my idea and ran with with it, making comments how this we be so easy to incorporate into their classrooms. I was so happy and can't wait to see what will happen today when I present. But, I did one more thing when I was there, I released a document I've been working on called, Artist Career Guide. I've receiving all this information from various institutions on how the potential careers available for artists. I kept thinking to myself there is a bigger idea here. So, I began researching, scanning, typing and this is what I can up with. It is a living document that I am asking each and everyone to make a contribution to, borrow it, share it, steal it, put your name on it. Just do me one favor and please give me credit creating it. I feel the engagement I am talking about does not stop in the classroom and even out of the classroom, it continues forever and what I/we do as educators and professionals will make a difference in peoples lives forever. It doesn't have a be a student that we inspire, it can be anyone. Stop trying to think outside the box and start thinking outside the building. Think about it when we are outside the building and the wide open space you are in. Outside the box, "ok." Outside the building, "Amazing." Have a wonderful day and allow the creative spirit to run freely through your mind, body, and soul.

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